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Pink Stone Advertisement Group Before using SI-MARK I was facing a strong demand from the market for many landing pages which I could not respond to. Working with SI-MARK enabled me to create a large amount of professional landing pages including all the technical requirements for affiliation campaigns   "

Net Marketing "
  As an AdWords specialist I need to create a lot of landing pages to improve the relevancy and both the quality score and the conversion’s rate of my campaigns.SI-MARK is exactly what I needed to do it, and beside I can do it in easy and cost-effective way. Not counting that the system doesn’t require any programming skills! "

Pichet "
Today, a real estate developer generates a large part of his sales through digital campaigns. The responsiveness is critical to the success of a commercial operation. Therefore we needed a solution which enables us to shorten our production time while ensuring the quality. SI-MARK has established itself by its flexibility, its price / quality ratio and a regular dialogue with our development team. We now use SI-MARK in all our online campaigns "

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