Engage your creative and account mangament team to the digital marketing


Professional editor

Total free design, inspire your imagination. Upload the images and edit them in drag and drop editor

Empower your design, create easily HTML effects and animation supported in all browsers and platforms

Effects & Animation

Content management system allow the end users to edit the text, images and gallery


Using the responsive feature, your design will be fully screen on any platform/device.

Responsive Pages

Lead management system, to track and manage the campaign registrations.

Agencies CRM


One on One web seminar



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SiMark is SaaS platform, your HUB to create and manage all the digital marketing material
All in one place. save time and production costs!  


FTP button

Export the project to an external serverin  in one click! Save hosting cost.

Download button

Download project to local computer, as a ZIP file containing all relevant project folders  You own the files!!!


Make a copy of an existing project for A/B testing, creating personalized design or template or backup existing project. 

Features & Benefits

Find & Replace

Mange easily multiple landing pages or banners sizes, find the relevant element and modify it.       

LP Banner

Unique banner for mobile in which the click to call and the form are in the banner, the banner is also the landing page!


Create professional galleries and sliders with a broad choice of effects (fade, slice etc...)

Code Windows

HTML, Code and CSS windows to add your own unique code


Easily implement search engine Meta tag.
Improve your campaign results. 

Free design

Total freedom of design.
Express your imaginagion with no limits! 

Sub users

Create SI-MARK accounts to your partners and clients and choose to give them full or limited access to edit pages or use the leads management system.


Double check your leads with the SI-MARK leads management system to make sure you don't miss any lead that your client CRM software collected.

Marketing Tools

Easy to use tag manager to integrate with any 3rd party marketing tool system(analytics, CRM, Ad servers etc...) 

Form Builder

Create and customize your personalized form
with inputs, drop-down lists, radio buttons, etc…
Fully functional on any platform. 

My themes

You can create your own unique templat. Make your design special and cost effective.


You can create mini site and landing pages with SiMark Accessibility tool easily
Make your content available to users with different skills and devices. 


Nicolas Oyarbide
Marketing manager - Pichet

Before using SI-MARK I was facing a strong demand from the market for many landing pages which I could not respond to. Working with SI-MARK enabled me to create a large amount of professional landing pages including all the technical requirements for affiliation campaigns

Nadav Doron
Net Marketing

As an AdWords specialist I need to create a lot of landing pages to improve the relevancy and both the quality score and the conversion’s rate of my campaigns.SI-MARK is exactly what I needed to do it, and beside I can do it in easy and cost-effective way. Not counting that the system doesn’t require any programming skills!

Dikla Rozner
VP Digital
Fogel Ogilvy

SiMark allowed our creative department to improve response times; using SiMark our creative team could easily create HTML files for landing pages, mini-sites and Banners with all technical and creative requirements , the whole process has enabled us to offer better solutions and service to our customers

About us

SiMark was launched on 2012, focusing on solutions for the digital advertising market. First we acted as digital agency to understand better the market landscape and requirements, doing so we understood that the digital advertising became very complex on producing and creating the material, when in many cases production costs were higher than media costs!

So we got together and developed SiMark the central point were you can create all your digital marketing material: landing pages, mini sites, banners. 

Up to 30 active pages

Unlimited sub-users accounts

  Professional Editor 

CMS Editor

Effects & animation Module

  Responsive pages Module

Agency CRM

Unlimited integrations with 3rd parties

10 Active projects

Customize price

130 /month

Up to 180 active pages

Unlimited sub-users accounts

Professional Editor

CMS Editor

Effects & animation Module

Responsive pages Module

Agency CRM

Support & Training

60 Active projects

Customize price

Unlimited integrations with 3rd parties


520 /month

Up to 3000 active pages

Unlimited sub-users accounts

Professional Editor

CMS Editor

Effects & animation Module

Responsive pages Module

CRM de control

Support & Training  PREMIUM

1000 Active projects

Customize price

Unlimited integrations with 3rd parties


1200 /month



Enter number of projects



Customize Price

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